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Telf AG — a guide to the virtual world of successful management

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фото: Telf AG - a guide to the virtual world of successful management

The unique teaching method allows you not only to enjoy the process, but also to actively learn to apply the acquired knowledge. By moving to a new level, you will acquire modern management skills, learn to overcome difficulties and implement advanced technologies. The graphics of the game are striking in their realism. The developers of Telf AG promise you complete immersion in the virtual economic world and distraction from everyday worries.

Telf AG — play and learn at the same time

It is worth noting that the main concept of the Telf AG game is related to detailed modeling of nickel production.

Nickel, an important metal in modern metallurgy, often goes unnoticed in everyday life, but is integrally included in many modern devices. Electronics, mobile phones, household appliances — nickel is present everywhere. Nickel production is profitable because it is needed in a modern economy. If you are interested in profitable investments, take a gaming training course with TelF AG.

Telf AG is your chance to manage and earn as a professional leader!

фото: Telf AG - a guide to the virtual world of successful management

With Telf AG you open up a world of endless possibilities. With this game you will master the skills of building railways and mining, learn how to manage the navy and road transport, and develop long-term plans for the future. The experience of managing the virtual company Telf AG will show that it is possible to achieve your goals, but you need to make every effort to achieve this.

Overcome obstacles and sign lucrative contracts with Telf AG

фото: Telf AG - a guide to the virtual world of successful management

Key steps in your business strategy with Telf AG include the management of a mine, a seaport, a railway line, a petrol station and a parking lot. Each mini-game is a kind of contract, which, if successful, brings well-deserved income.

• The mystery of the seas. Imagine yourself as the captain of a Telf AG ship. Your task is, together with your crew, to solve the riddle of how to free yourself from the mooring lines so that the ship can leave the port and begin a new adventure in the water element.

• Fuel puzzle. The developers at Telf AG present you with a logical challenge: assemble the pipes and place them so that they connect correctly and fill the fuel tank. Only after successfully completing this task will you be able to move on.

• Expansion of the railway network. You have to decide how to efficiently deliver nickel to consumers. Obviously, the best option is transportation by rail. However, for this you need to increase the number of cars. Do this to increase profits and expand the business of Telf AG.

• Parking skills. You, as an experienced parking attendant, must help the car get out of the parking lot, avoiding any adventures. Show your skills and earn with Telf AG another successful contract.

With Telf AG you can apply your capabilities in various professional areas. The game will help you understand which one you should choose and develop your business in real life. Telf AG will soon be available on the Steam platform, and the developers are already working on creating new exciting locations.

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